About Gate Cavalier

We are a young family who enjoys raising our dog & puppies together. Our goal is to provide you a puppy of quality, value, and good health. One that is of good temperament, friendly, and can meet your expectations.
My wife and I fell in love with these puppies when I was still working security at the malls. We had been married for over 11 years without any child and our home was already a very sad place to be for both of us, we had almost lost all our hope. Then I came home one evening from work and my wife had got a cute Cavalier King Charles from some breeders from Alabama, it was a surprise to me. The joy that puppy brought to our home, our lives changed forever after that.
Ziya was our miracle dog, 8 months after we got her, my wife got pregnant for our first daughter Miriam. That’s when I started undergoing training on puppy breeding, I wanted to give back, I wanted to breed these beauties that would bring joy to other homes as Ziya did to mine, I wanted to breed puppies that will be other people’s miracles.
After I retired, I took on breeding Cavalier King Charles Puppies full time, and I added a little something I learned, I am breeding the puppies in our home, they grow up in a home environment, with love, attention and all the care.

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Love, love, love
We love what we do and we do it for love, not the money. That’s why our prices are that cheap, just to ver cost of breeding.

Healthy Puppies
All our puppies are healthy, up to date on all shots, and vaccinated. They come with a health guarantee and are delivered healthy to you.

Cutest Puppies
You can see for yourself, our puppies are the cutest and of the purest of bloodlines (we take pride in that). No overbreeding is done here.

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